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Poems > Ed
by Lauren Willis, 2001

"Attention." comes the call early morning,
Night's suddenly gone without a warning.
Underneath their straight salutes,
The men squirm uncomfortably in their boots.
"Where's Ed?" He asked the group gathered 'round.
The men just smirked and stared at the ground.
The commander understands them and smokes.
He hated when they played on him a hoax.
"He's not here!" He exclaimed upon reaching the bunk.
"Come on men. Let's go. He'll just flunk!"
The men smiled, then grabbed their packs.
"Ya'll ready to start the day?" Asked sergeant Max.
"Yes sir!" They chorused with a straight face.
Max watched them, then set the pace.
The men marched on over the desert sand,
"If it wasn't so hot, this hike would be grand!"
About midday they stopped to rest,
Max pulls out sunglasses, "Sun's a pest."
Now their pace was set uphill,
The men slowed down, against their will.
"Not much farther men!" Max happily said,
When they reached the top, "Need help? I'm Ed."
Max and the men stared in disbelief,
More in anger than in relief.
"Where have you been? You look like crud."
Ed just laughs. "I fell in the mud.
I set off early to set up camp,
Now I remember! Did you bring the lamp?
I set and camoflouged the tent,"
Max snorts, "I can't find where it went."
"Go find it! Just be careful of the traps!"
The men just stare, and then collapse.
The men just sit and stare at mars,
"On second thought, we'll sleep under the stars."

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