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Poems > If I Were To Die Today
by Lauren Willis - November 14, 2001

If I were to die today,
Would I be happy with my life,
With all that I've accomplished,
For all that I have strived?
Would I be pleased with how I left,
The loved ones I held so dear?
Did I tell them how I loved them,
Or did I hold that love in fear?
I'd like to believe that when I die,
My heart for Christ was driven.
I want to know that my soul is clear,
That by Christ I am forgiven.
If I were to die today,
I would say "I have won!
I have triumphed over sin,
With our Lord and His Son."
The tears that would be shed,
Should be shed in joy, not pain.
At that time, I'll be in paradise,
Be strong! Our faith is not in vain.
I pray if my family needs comfort,
You will reach with outstretched arms,
That your love would surround them,
And your prayers protect them from harm.
I pray I had lived a good life,
Though that doesn't get you to Heaven.
And I pray our family will be joined there,
One day, our family, all seven.
So if I were to die today,
I pray my life was a witness,
That it may help someone find God's way,
Not only if I died today.

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