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Poems > Seven Red Rays
by Lauren Willis - 1999-2001

About this time, just last year,
I was reminded of a time of war and fear.
For that morning as I watched the rising sun,
I realized what long ago, many men had done.
Those men who died to make us who we are today,
For set in white clouds were seven red rays.
And though most today don't care to see,
Those men had died to keep us free.
Freedom's more than an open field,
With no one holding you back.
Freedom's something that has to be built,
Something they built, fighting the attack.
The blood of those men, in our seven red rays,
Deserve our honor, respect, and our praise.
Much more can be said of those courageous men,
More than could be told with words or a pen.
Their days may have dawned with seven red rays,
But they never held as much meaning as they do today.

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